Commerce Server User Group

This is an independent, non-profit grouping dedicated to exchanging technical knowledge about Commerce Server. Software-Smith has donated space on their web site to host this web page for the Commerce Server User Group, but this group is committed to being independent and non-commercial.

How do I join? Please send an email to


giving your geographic area. We would very much appreciate hearing of topics you would like to have discussed in our meetings. This information will only be shared within the group and will not be used for commercial purposes.

Because of the wide geographic dispersion of our user group, we are assuming that our meetings will be held online rather than at a specific location. We would very much like to hear from you if you are willing to give a lecture for a user group meeting. Suggestions for topics are also very welcome. Please note that sales pitches are out of place in a user group and are most unwelcome.

We have had User Group meetings on the following topics:
Commerce Server and SharePoint  1.1.2010
Commerce Server Staging 14.5.2010
Commerce Server and SharePoint 5.11.2010 
Commerce Server 2009 R2 9.12.2011
Transition to Ascentium 27.4.2012
Commerce Server 10 24.5.2013