Our Concept   

The mission is to take complex technical concepts and impart them to our students. Not just what features are in the product, but why it was built and how it works under the hood. Please view the sample below.

Feedback from our students:

"I have never had a better technical instructor and I have taken a LOT of technical courses"JB, US

"This was the best training I have ever attended"WG, Germany

"Glen does an exceptional job in being able to take a large, complex solution and to break it down into manageable lessons that help you take the building blocks of BizTalk server and learn them in detail. Once completed with the various lessons, the parts start to work together so that by the beginning of the last day of class, your understanding of this complex platform is clear and sustainable."MB, US

"I had the opportunity to attend the perfect training. Organized with excellence and led magnificantly!"LD, Bulgaria

"It was a great and perfect training for me. The instructor was one of the best ones I had for technical training. The training was well-organized and covered a lot. Thank you."AK, US

"Great class! Glen is definitely an expert at this. He went above and beyond in teaching us the fundamentals of BizTalk in a way we all really understood."KK, US  


The goal is to impart understanding, not to "teach to the exam", but as we have helped our students obtain certifications, we have picked up a number of certifications. Here are a few of our present certifications: